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It might be useful to add a note about adding the --enable-future-java flag to /etc/conf.d/jenkins to allow using jenkins with the current default version of java.

Also, there's a page upstream that tracks issues with java 11 compatibility

ILMostro (talk)

Require to manually changing the conf file to point to java-11 instead of java-8

After a fresh installation, Jenkins wouldn't start.

Indeed, the configuration file under /etc/conf.d/jenkins has the "JAVA" variable pointing to java-8 by default which is not installed on my machine nor a dependency of the Jenkins package (as it depends on java-11 instead) :
cat /etc/conf.d/jenkins

Manually changing the value of this variable in the configuration file to "/usr/bin/java" (which is a symbolic link that points to the default and current version of java installed) solved the issue :
sed -i '/JAVA=/c\JAVA=/usr/bin/java' /etc/conf.d/jenkins

Maybe it is worth mentioning this in the main wiki page ?

Antiz (talk) 18:04, 17 July 2022 (UTC)Reply