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Nice job on making it to the official repos

I am sitting on still ice with my 09/01/2016 ALA mirrors setup. Was very surprised to see no metasploit in AUR nor in the official repos. Hence I am not very able to test it. Does it still need all of the RVM guidelines to be operational or will it now try to get the RVM setup upon sync(-S)? -- Pineman13 (talk) 19:50, 3 October 2016 (UTC)

Updated Metasploit_Framework#Setting_up_the_database

I removed the workarounds to automatically establish the connection between msfconsole and the postgresql database, as it seems to be automatically established now. I wrote and tested a single-line command to initialise the database, using metasploit's msfdb init command. Please tell me if you encounter any error, or disagree with these choices.

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