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The paragraph currently says that there was a bug with nvidia cards that's been cleared up with the latest kernel from jakeday. I left it when I updated it a few days ago since I wasn't sure if we wanted to remove the historical information. But for clarity, we might want to update it to just say "as long as you've got the jakeday kernel, all is good" and avoid confusing users with the whole "it used to be crap though" section that I chose not to delete.

Anyone have thoughts about whether we should remove the historical section, leave it alone, or just reword the section? (was from: Dotvezz 01:33, 6 January 2019‎ )

What works

There is a Note stating:

Note: Touchscreen only works in a Window Manager or Desktop Environment that has full support for it. It's recognized as a mouse click otherwise.

Wouldn't it be nice, to share the available wisdom with seekers, instead of making more or less meaningless Notes ?

What is the status of the camera compatibility? Also, wouldn't it be nice to leave your name on posts? Pandaero (talk) 00:26, 28 November 2022 (UTC)Reply