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Latest comment: 31 December 2017 by Josephgbr in topic Should Namcap#Tags be removed?

Should Namcap#Tags be removed?

I think the whole section listing namcap tags should be removed - all the tags are listed and documented in namcap manpage. --Bhobbit 23:28, 1 December 2009 (EST)

I think the opposite. I think an online documentation is desirable as a formatted man page is not always available, or convenient. The opposite statement is also true, so I think. An online documentation is not always available, or convenient. Regid (talk) 18:14, 2 May 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]
In my opinion, it shouldn't be removed. Namcap's man page only lists rule files, which normally have more than one tags, while the Tags section is more specific on listing all tags (e.g. "", listed in the man page as "elffiles", is a rule file containing elffile-not-in-allowed-dirs, elffile-in-questionable-dirs, elffile-not-in-allowed-dirs, elffile-with-textrel, and more). If the man page listed each tag, maybe the section could be removed or reduced to "see man page namcap(1)". Josephgbr (talk) 15:31, 31 December 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Number version and NEWS link

I corrected the namcap number version with 2.8.2 because I think it's better to report the stable software version and because the link was inconsistent. The NEWS link now points to the namcap 2.x tree. --Thewall 18 March 2011

Tags are out of date

The tag list in Namcap#Tags has some tags whose name changed, and is missing some other tags. I'm listing as a ToDo task - anyone interested in doing it, but my guess.

  1. The following tag names in Namcap have been renamed from '-md5sums' to '-checksums', and have now a bigger scope (other checksums). Maybe more things?
    1. missing-md5sums
    2. not-enough-md5sums
    3. too-many-md5sums
    4. improper-md5sum
  2. The tag name seems to have been renamed to incorrect-owner (need confirmation)
    1. incorrect-permissions
  3. The tag name was renamed removing 'recommended-' (description should also be updated)
    1. recommend-use-pkgdir
    2. recommend-use-srcdir
  4. New tags included in /usr/share/namcap/namcap-tags but not listed in this section
    1. cross-dir-hardlink %s %s :: Cross-directory hardlink in package (filename, linkname)
    2. desktop-database-not-updated :: Mime type handler found. Add "update-desktop-database -q" to the install file
    3. elffile-in-any-package %s :: ELF file ('filename') found in an 'any' package.
    4. elffile-with-textrel %s :: ELF file ('filename') has text relocations.
    5. elffile-with-execstack %s :: ELF file ('filename') has executable stack.
    6. error-running-rule %s :: Error running rule 'rulename'
    7. external-hooks-name %s :: .INSTALL file runs a command (command) provided by hooks.
    8. external-hooks-warning :: .INSTALL file runs a command provided by hooks.
    9. file-in-temporary-dir %s :: File (filename) is in a temporary directory.
    10. file-setugid %s :: File (filename) is setuid or setgid.
    11. kdebase-runtime-needed-dep %s :: KDE programs program probably need kdebase-runtime to run correctly
    12. invalid-filename :: File name %s contains non standard characters
    13. library-no-package-associated %s :: Referenced library 'filename' is an uninstalled dependency
    14. lots-of-docs %f :: Package was %.0f%% docs by size; maybe you should split out a docs package
    15. missing-backup-file %s :: File in backup array (filename) not found in package
    16. missing-description :: Missing description in PKGBUILD
    17. missing-pkgfunction %s :: Child package package does not have a valid package() function
    18. missing-makedeps %s :: Split PKGBUILD needs additional makedepends package to work properly
    19. no-elffiles-not-any-package :: No ELF files and not an "any" package
    20. py-mtime-mtree-warning :: Found .py file unnoticeably newer than associated .pyc/pyo.
    21. py-mtime-tar-error :: Found .py file newer than associated .pyc/pyo.
    22. py-mtime-file-name %s :: Python script (script) is newer than associated .pyc/pyo.
    23. site-ruby :: Found usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby in package, usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby should be used instead.
    24. systemd-location %s :: File %s should be in /usr/lib/systemd/system/
    25. unused-sodepend %s %s :: Unused shared library 'lib' by file ('filename')
    26. dependency-detected-but-optional %s (%s) :: Dependency package detected but optional (package)
    27. dconf-needed-for-glib-schemas :: needed for glib schemas
    28. glib2-needed-for-gio-modules :: needed for GIO modules
    29. hicolor-icon-theme-needed-for-hicolor-dir :: needed for hicolor theme hierarchy
    30. kdebase-runtime-needed %s :: needed for programs program
    31. java-environment-needed %s :: found class files filename
    32. libraries-needed %s %s :: libraries libs needed in files %s
    33. programs-needed %s %s :: programs program needed in scripts scripts

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