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Is the /etc/conf.d/open-iscsi file still used?

I am planning to do a small rewrite/reorg, to bring some things in line with style guide, and also to make the Section headline organization clearer.

This sentence confuses me: "You only have to include the IP of the target as SERVER in /etc/conf.d/open-iscsi at the client."

I *think* this is a remnant for the old rc-script Version of the package. The file doesn't exist in the current package.

However i'm not completely sure. I downloaded the current version of the open-iscsi from ABS, and it still has a "open-iscsi.conf.d" file. It looks to me like this file isn't used by the PKGBUILD at all, and i can just ignore it and thus delete the above sentence.

I plan to replace it by a short paragraph on how to Automate Target Logins for Future System Statups (as explained in the /usr/share/doc/open-iscsi/README)

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How to generate a unique iqn / InitiatorName

# echo InitiatorName=`iscsi-iname` > /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi 
# cat /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi 
# systemctl start open-iscsi

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Planning on rewriting the parts of the article

I've recently had experience setting up ISCSI initiator (client). The wiki page provided pretty limited information and most of stuff I had to figure out on my own. Wanted to fix the wiki page with the information from my experience.

Should I add glossary? Explain what LUN, node, IQN is? There is an issue with Open-ISCSI using non standard names such as LUNs are called nodes.

Second,I think the Configuration section should be more of a walk through rather then throwing bunch of commands and configs at you. For example, it should first give you command to check if your target is visible on the network and etc.

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