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"Using urxvt with Nautilus "Open in Terminal"

I use Openbox but figured this information is most relevant to rxvt-unicode and so might like to be included on the wiki page. I found that the gnome-terminal package opens xterm by default. This thread in the forums provides a solution.

Install gnome-vfs and gconf-editor and edit the config using gconf-editor

pacman -S gnome-vfs gconf-editor

As normal user run:


Drill down to desktop/gnome/applications/terminal/ and alter the values to:

exec urxvt
exec_arg -e

I removed gnome-vfs (as its deprecated) afterward without any issues as all I needed was the keys created in gconf-editor. I suppose you might be able to manually create the key as an alternative. --James_Robertson 14:29, 27 February 2011 (AEDT)