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New lenovo thinkpads (like my T440s) don't have a QMI modem, instead they have a MBIM modem (see In this case, it will also show up as a /dev/cdc-wdm character device, but not handle by the qmi_wwan driver; instead handled by the cdc_mbim driver. There's libmbim (and mbimcli, mbim-network) as well, in addition to libqmi (qmicli, qmi-network).

Also, the comment about needing the Lenovo activation app is simply not true. It may be that the QMI modem is a Gobi2k, which may need firmware loading via the gobi_loader program (that was the case in my old Lenovo thinkpad).

Also, why not suggest using ModemManager+NetworkManager? That is simply the easiest way to manage these WWAN modems. I wrote both libqmi and libmbim to be used in ModemManager. qmicli and mbimcli were just some test tools to check the APIs :)

Aleksander0m (talk) 19:13, 26 January 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for your comments. Please feel free to edit, I'm not that experienced with this. I only wrote the page as I couldn't find all the information in one place elsewhere on the wiki, but it would be good if the page were edited by somebody who knows more about this stuff.
W.R.T. your hardware, sure, please update. I'm using a Lenovo X230, which is older. I recommend leaving in the stuff about the Gobi though, because older ThinkPads are still quite popular and common.
W.R.T. NetworkManager, again, please do update or link to the right section in the NetworkManager article. I couldn't get the modem to show up in NM, not that I tried that hard as the qmi scripts just work for me. Karkhaz (talk) 15:55, 23 February 2015 (UTC)