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Gnome - black screen if same user is already connected locally

Took me a while to find so maybe you could consider adding a new troubleshooting section. Apparently having session=gnome in .vnc/config is not a good idea if a local Gnome session is running under the same user. More details at

Jose1711 (talk) 20:24, 19 April 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Manually creating a config file prevents connections.

In the instruction to create the ~/.vnc/config file causes the VNC server to reject all connections other than localhost effectively negating the whole concept of the VNC. I spent over an hour figuring out why I couldn't connect from another computer and deleting the ~/.vnc/config that was originally suggested fixed the issue.

I understand that there is a security aspect to doing it this way, but its frustrating to people trying to setup for the first time. Suggest modifying the instructions to implementing security steps so that creating this file doesn't frustrate the person following this guide.

UPDATE: So the rational for this config file that is not explained is that it is designed for users to ssh in then initiate the VNC connection. I've added a note after the step to direct users to accomplish the security aspect of connecting to the VNC server.

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Just use "localhost=no" in the ~/.vnc/config file, would allow connections other than localhost. Ws arch (talk)