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Internationalization and xbindkeys

The wiki suggests that xbindkeys should be added in fx. xinitrc:

"before the line that starts your window manager or DE." 

...which means it starts before X. But to me it appears xbindkeys is affected by the keymap, as I have a bind for "Mod4 + plus" which doesn't work until I kill xbindkeys and restart it. That made me think that maybe it's related to X starting after xbindkeys, which via a xorg.conf.d config persistently sets my keymap. And indeed, if I set the keymap with setxkbmap inside xinitrc before xbindkeys it works. So it seems that it's better to start xbindkeys after X launches instead of before, at least for people in my situation? Or use setxkbmap in xinitrc to set the keymap instead of setting it via xorg.conf.d.

Anyone else have experiences in this regard? I could just add this to the article, but I'd like to verify it with others first.

Biowaste (talk) 23:08, 17 December 2019 (UTC)