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TurboVNC is a high-performance VNC implementation derived from TightVNC. It provides both VNC server and VNC viewer functionalities. According to the official site, it is better than TigerVNC in multiple aspects [1].


Install the turbovncAUR package.

Running vncserver

Simply runing vncserver as the normal user that will later use VNC, and you will be prompted to set a password. Then configure which desktop environment to use in /usr/bin/xstartup.turbovnc. For example, edit the file below as root to use KDE plasma:

exec startplasma-x11

Then run vncserver again to start it, you should see it binds to the port 5901. You should always wrap it in a SSH tunnel as what is done with any other VNC software(see TigerVNC#Accessing vncserver via SSH tunnels).