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Twister is an experimental peer-to-peer microblogging software.


Install twister-core-gitAUR and the twister-html-gitAUR html interface.


Start/enable twister.service.

This will by default load both the twister-core daemon, and the twister-html gui.

Connect to http://user:pwd@

Note: The "user" and "pwd" is hard coded into the source currently and only accessible from your machine. That is why you create a new user here.

In the Network tab, wait until the daemon downloads the entire blockchain.

In the Login tab, create a new user. Wait a few seconds for the daemon to calculate the Proof-Of-Work to propagate your registration. You’ll be redirected to the Edit Profile tab: complete it. Wait a few minutes until your registration is accepted into a new block. The “Save” button will be disabled in the meantime.

Warning: Save your secret key: this is the only way to “authorize”, there is no password recovery by mail.

The next time you enter the page, press "Login" and choose your newly created user to login.

Graphical interface

The twister-html interface can be accessed at It allows full configuration of Twister, and can be used to create and read posts.

JSON/CLI Interface

Twisterd comes with a command line based utility, that can be used run and configure twister. However, this interface is an overlay on the JSON-RPC interface, and therefore is mostly useful for debugging and development. See the following page for the full documentation of this interface