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Twister is an experimental peer-to-peer microblogging software.


The twister-core-gitAUR package and the twister-html-gitAUR html interface are available in the AUR.

First Time Setup

Start/enable twister.service.

This will by default load both the twister-core daemon, and the twister-html gui.

  1. Go to http://user:pwd@ If authentication window pops up enter "user" and "pwd"
Note: The "user" and "pwd" is hard coded into the source currently and only accessible from your machine. That is why you create a new user here.
  1. Go to the Network tab and wait until the daemon downloads the entire blockchain.
  2. Go to the Login tab and create a new user.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the daemon to calculate the Proof-Of-Work to propagate your registration.
  4. You’ll be redirected to the Edit Profile tab. Choose your avatar, name, location etc.
  5. Wait a few minutes until your registration is accepted into a new block. The “Save” button will be disabled in the meantime.
  6. Your account is ready.
   IMPORTANT: save your secret key (this is the only way to “authorize”, there is no send me pwd by mail, …)

Search users to follow, send new posts etc.

   A great way for others to find you is by using tags, e.g. write a msg like: Hello #twister community!

Switch to the network tab and wait for the complete download of the blockchain. Go to the 'setup account' tab and create a new user. Wait for your registration to be finished. Edit your profile. Your profile will be set in a new block, so wait for the 'save' button to appear.

The next time you enter the page press **Login** and choose your newly created user to login.

Gui Interface

The twister-html aur package contains a web based gui interface, which can be accessed at This interface allows full configuration of Twister, and can be used to create and read posts.

JSON/CLI Interface

Twisterd comes with a command line based utility, that can be used run and configure twister. However, this interface is an overlay on the JSON-RPC interface, and therefore is mostly useful for debugging and development. See the following page for the full documentation of this interface