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High Priority

  1. Finish Installation notes.

Medium Priority

  • Installation Notes
    • Add Man page links.
  • USB Installation Media
    • Make the naming of "USB Media" consistent throughout. Currently, both the introduction, the title, and the summary have different usage. Prefer the Wikipedia term, "USB flash drive."
    • Note to Tip in Section 1?
    • Remove redundant information (such as the partitioning information and point to the partitioning article.
    • Expand the summary with more related links.
    • Merge with UEFI instructions as this is currently bound to bios/bios-emulated systems.
    • Should the Windows/OS X instructions be removed from the Arch Wiki?
      • Should so many options be given for Windows?
    • Idea:
      • 1) Promote the "Boot the entire ISO from RAM" section to the preferred method as it appears to be OS independent, simple, and relevant to learning Arch Linux.
      • 2) Keep as alternate installs the dd installers for consistency and simplicity.
        • Remove the rest.

Low Priority

    1. Section 1, confusing word choice and some possible unprofessional and unnecessary extra information.
    2. Section 2.2, dead link.
    3. Footnotes have at least one repeating reference number. Look at implementing an endnote template a la Wikipedia.
  2. Add Arch/FreeBSD section to USB Installation Media.
    1. Re-order beginner's guide to match 1:1 the official installation guide.