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The following is a list of known tools that operate on (or otherwise support) Arch Linux local repositories. This list is by no means complete - Unofficial repositories tend to use a wide range of different solutions.R

AUR support

aurbs (2013)
Builds a local repository from a list of AUR packages. Supports devtools and a web interface.
All paths (including local repository) are hard-coded
Requires MongoDB
No file inspection for AUR packages
repoctl (2013)
Wrapper for repo-add and repo-remove. Supports AUR operations.
Supresses repo-add and repo-remove output
History of data loss [1] [2] [3] [4]
lilac (2014)
Automatic packaging tool for the archlinuxcn repository.
Mostly undocumented code and library functions
Requires NOPASSWD:ALL sudoers(8) configuration, setuid wrappers
aurutils (2016)
Collection of tools for local repository and AUR-related tasks. Modular, supports custom AUR workflows and devtools.
Limited test-suite
Unstable API (improved with aurutils >=4)
aurto (2018)
Daemon to automatically upgrade a local aurto repository with AUR packages. Keeps a list of known maintainers to review upgrades.
Defaults to hourly upgrades [5]
toolbox (2020)
Wrapper for repoctl with chroot support.
Includes a setuid(0) wrapper that calls a shell script.
paru (2020)
Pacman wrapper which supports local repositories and chroot builds. Operates exclusively on the AUR. [6]
Pinned to libalpm soname, breaks on pacman upgrades
Depends on specific Rust versions [7]
May not build on low-performance systems [8]
ahriman (2021)
Local repository manager supporting a web interface, remote services and devtools.
Post-It: This looks very promising. Needs a closer look!
arch-repo-manager (2021)
Daemon and web application for managing local repositories. Includes a C++ library.
Mostly undocumented code and library functions
Runs (the equivalent of) pacman -Sy as a build action


dbscripts (2002)
Scripts to maintain the official repositories.
pacutils (2012)
Collection of tools for pacman-related tasks. Modular, simplifies handling local repositories.
repo-add_and_sign (2012)
repo-add wrapper which gpg(1) signs packages and databases with loopback pinentry.
With gnupg 2.0, gpg-preset-passphrase(1) is an alternative to loopback pinentry.
repose (2013)
Tool to build Arch Linux repositories, similar to repo-add. Used in aurutils before 2.0.0.
Parse errors after adding certain packages [9]
rebuild-detector (2018)
Detects packages which were built against older versions of dependencies. Supports foreign packages and local repositories.
crema (2019)
Wrapper for makechrootpkg, repo-add and repo-remove. Transfers repositories to remote locations with rsync.
Mostly undocumented code and library functions
repod (2019)
Python rewrite of dbscripts which uses git instead of svn. Work in progress.
repoutils (2019)
Wrapper for repo-add and repo-remove. Builds on pacutils.