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The following is a list of known tools that operate on (or otherwise support) Arch Linux local repositories. This list is by no means complete - Unofficial repositories tend to use a wide range of different solutions.

AUR support

aurbs (2013)
Builds a local repository from a list of AUR packages. Supports devtools and a web interface.
Tango-emblem-important.png All paths (including local repository) are hard-coded
Tango-emblem-important.png Requires MongoDB
Tango-dialog-error.png No file inspection for AUR packages
repoctl (2013)
Wrapper for repo-add and repo-remove. Supports AUR operations.
Tango-emblem-important.png Supresses repo-add and repo-remove output
Tango-dialog-error.png History of data loss [1] [2] [3] [4]
lilac (2014)
Automatic packaging tool for the archlinuxcn repository.
Tango-emblem-important.png Mostly undocumented code and library functions
Tango-dialog-error.png Requires NOPASSWD:ALL sudoers(8) configuration, setuid wrappers
aurutils (2016) Tango-emblem-favorite.png
Collection of tools for local repository and AUR-related tasks. Modular, supports custom AUR workflows and devtools.
Tango-emblem-important.png Limited test-suite
Tango-emblem-important.png Unstable API (improved with aurutils >=4)
aurto (2018)
Daemon to automatically upgrade a local aurto repository with AUR packages. Keeps a list of known maintainers to review upgrades.
Tango-dialog-information.png Defaults to hourly upgrades [5]
toolbox (2020)
Wrapper for repoctl with chroot support.
Tango-dialog-error.png Includes a setuid(0) wrapper that calls a shell script.
paru (2020)
Pacman wrapper which supports local repositories and chroot builds. Operates exclusively on the AUR. [6]
Tango-emblem-important.png Pinned to libalpm soname, breaks on pacman upgrades
Tango-emblem-important.png Depends on specific Rust versions [7]
Tango-emblem-important.png May not build on low-performance systems [8]
ahriman (2021)
Local repository manager supporting a web interface, remote services and devtools.
Post-It: This looks very promising. Needs a closer look!
arch-repo-manager (2021)
Daemon and web application for managing local repositories. Includes a C++ library.
Tango-emblem-important.png Mostly undocumented code and library functions
Tango-dialog-error.png Runs (the equivalent of) pacman -Sy as a build action


dbscripts (2002)
Scripts to maintain the official repositories.
pacutils (2012) Tango-emblem-favorite.png
Collection of tools for pacman-related tasks. Modular, simplifies handling local repositories.
repo-add_and_sign (2012)
repo-add wrapper which gpg(1) signs packages and databases with loopback pinentry.
Tango-dialog-information.pngWith gnupg 2.0, gpg-preset-passphrase(1) is an alternative to loopback pinentry.
repose (2013)
Tool to build Arch Linux repositories, similar to repo-add. Used in aurutils before 2.0.0.
Tango-dialog-error.png Parse errors after adding certain packages [9]
rebuild-detector (2018) Tango-emblem-favorite.png
Detects packages which were built against older versions of dependencies. Supports foreign packages and local repositories.
crema (2019)
Wrapper for makechrootpkg, repo-add and repo-remove. Transfers repositories to remote locations with rsync.
Tango-emblem-important.png Mostly undocumented code and library functions
repod (2019)
Python rewrite of dbscripts which uses git instead of svn. Work in progress.
repoutils (2019)
Wrapper for repo-add and repo-remove. Builds on pacutils.