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Pacman Source Repositories

We can create source packages and we now have a .SRCINFO file to provide the details in an "easy" format. It would be nice for pacman to have access to the source package information, and provide a function to download these.

Implementation Debate

There are (at least) two ways to implement this.

Add to current repository databases (.db)


  • Very easy to implement


  • Repo databases will increase in size by ~55-60% (assuming we store the sig in db)

Create a source package repository (.source)


  • Only download source information if/when you need it (single repo db downloads?)
  • People can host source only repositories.


  • .db and .source repositories can become out of sync
  • depends/makedepends/checkdepends will be duplicated across .db and .source repos
  • (minor) repo-add becomes more complicated due to dealing with .db, .files, and .source databases