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Getting i3 up and running is just the beginning. Unlike a more "heavyweight" and complete desktop environment like Gnome (which I like), tiling window managers are missing a lot of what makes using a computer "seamless". For example, disks probably won't mount automatically, wifi won't come up on its own, etc. Power users will each have their own preferences about what should be done automatically. Sometimes I prefer wifi not scanning every network out there. I may leave that off, but may choose to automount drives I connect to the system. Making these choices means building up your own desktop environment, with a tiling window manager (and linux) at the core.

display manager or xinitrc (sddm or nothing at all, though if nothing I need to see what I'm missing)

using .xprofile or /etc/xprofile

Power tlp, etc.




unclutter (there is a rewrite of unclutter in aur that i'm using)

Networking & Wifi:

sudo pacman -S networkmanager network-manager-applet dhclient
# systemctl enable NetworkManager
make sure there is a polkit agent installed as well:
# pacman -S polkit-gnome
and we need gnome-keyring
# pacman -S gnome-keyring
  /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &
to .xinitrc / .xprofile / i3 config or other
for dmenu NetworkManager config:
To customize dmenu, copy /usr/share/doc/networkmanager-dmenu-git/config.ini.example into ~/.config/networkmanager-dmenu/config.ini and edit:

Desktop Entries consider installing dex and then adding "dex -a" for autostarting autostart desktop entries... 'dex -ad' will show dry run of which entries those are and you can instead run them manually.


Install a notification server. Probably one of dunst, statnot, twmn


Status bar







GTK theme, fonts


zero config networking


screen lock

i3lock (custom colors version with blur) to activate lock automatically on suspend/dpms
same author has

what gdm gives you

session mgmt


infinality yes to this and using infinality repos

screensaver, screen locking either sxlock i3lock-fancy xss-lock (maybe with one of the above) cf

udisks2 plus opt dependecies (for automounting) Optional dependencies for udisks2

   parted: partition management
   gptfdisk: GUID partition table support [installed]
   ntfs-3g: NTFS filesystem management support
   dosfstools: VFAT filesystem management support [installed]