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No sound fix

When sound doesn't work in chrome with HTML5 or in flash videos then it can be some of outdated or damaged files that causes the problem. The pacman -Syyu doesn't help always but it is possible to use a dirty method to updated or reinstall files.

A dirty method to fix problems with packages that might help to fix a numerous of other problems too:

pacman -Qq > /tmp/filenames.list

while read FileNames;do pacman --noconfirm -S $FileNames;done < /tmp/filenames.list;


Or just use this to reinstall all packages :

pacman -Qenq | pacman -S -


  • If you have installed packages from AUR then you might have problems that will prevent re-installation.
  • To avoid that kind of troubles you need to create a separate cache for AUR packages,e.g. /home/username/AUR/pkgs-aur, and add it to
#SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
SigLevel = TrustAll
#Server = file:///home/custompkgs
Server = file:///home/username/AUR/pkgs-aur
  • You must always create a custom repository for AUR package files and use the repo-add -n /home/username/AUR/pkgs-aur/custom.db.tar /home/usernamer/AUR/pkgs-aur/*.xz to update it.

Other good to know configuration for AUR related packages

In /etc/makepkg.conf the SRCDEST="/home/username/AUR/sources-aur" environment variable for storage destination of the source packages.

In ~/.config/aurgetrc a lot of settings. See also man aurget.