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pavucontrol is a simple sound mixer but with a good features for pulseaudio.


The pavucontrol program saves window placement configuration in the ~/.config/pavucontrol.ini file.

The /usr/share/pavucontrol/ contains GTK configuration.

Start up details

When you start pavucontrol, it will also start the pulseaudio daemon with a temporary auto-detected settings that will be lost upon closing of pavucontrol. You can also dump settings detected by pavucontrol into a daemon.conf file to make them available to pulseaudio daemon without need to start pavucontrol each time to activate or edit sound settings but you will need also manually edit the file and comment out the log-target = or set it to auto. Alternatively you run sudo pulseaudio --dump-conf | sed 's/log-target =/#log-target =/' > /etc/pulse/daemon.conf that will comment out it. The daemon.conf can be put into the /etc/pulse/ for global use by all users or to the ~/.config/pulse/ for a specific user. You can dump settings into a file only while pavucontrol is running and settings are available in the memory.

See more in the manual for pulse-daemon.conf.

  • pavucontrol using own auto-detected settings instead of commended in the daemon.conf and can start pulseaudio daemon even if no daemon.conf is available in the configuration folders.
  • Auto detection of sinks is available only if load-module module-udev-detect and load-module module-detect are loaded.
  • If microphone doesn't work or sink output then try to set it as a fall-back(green round symbol button on the right side sets devices as a fall-back).