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my Windows XP on PC before Linux

Here is a basic list of application that I used on my PC before I switched to Linux.

bblean - Blackbox for Windows OS.
Gizmo Central - Application launcher that is a perfect combination with blackbox in Windows.

Also have tested Rainmeter that was recommended by author of rainlendar, they are using similar code base, but Rainmeter is not my style, prefer simplicity and performance.

FindAndRunRobot - by donationcoders and many more of their mini programs.
explorer++ - Good alternative to windows own explorer, but Real Player cannot use updater/installer if explorer.exe is not running.
wget - to mirror web-pages and anti-virus databases, perfect for use in bat scripts.

And a lot of other GNU ports for Windows, I didn't use cygwin because it feels so slow.

tcc-le - good instead of cmd because it supports aliases but has problems with writing, needed to press Insert to avoid overwriting.