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A guy who:

  • lints all your shell scripts automatically
  • checks your fontconfig files for metric incompatibilities
  • keeps providing alternative solutions to distract the topic
  • uses a ~161 dpi screen
    • likes hintmedium and bytecode hinting
    • uses Iosevka and Inziu font families
  • runs OpenCC with manual checking to smuggle zh_TW strings from/to zh_CN efficiently
  • forked a zh_CN l10n guide because the old one (along with existing decendents) is screwed
  • wrote a CSS stylesheet for launchpad translations because LP guys make crap
  • likes reporting upstream-fixed bugs to Ubuntu and make them upgrade packages
    • fontconfig 2.11.94 in ubuntu 16.04!
  • uses Woe 10 Fast Ring
  • uses Madoko to write useless nice-looking sh^H^Hnotes