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I'm the author of, a small htaccess skunkworks site I use for testing and experimenting before using on production servers. Mostly just a blog about my interests. I currently live in Las Vegas where I am a controlling partner for a business/media consulting firm. Mostly I do the technical implementing of incredibly creative strategies that are always different from the last.. Building systems, running servers, managing projects and dev-teams, security management, media production, and all sorts of web development. But by far Linux/BSD and Open Source software development is my passion, specifically networking, networking protocols, networking security, and anything having to do with optimization, especially optimizing my time by building systems to take care of themselves as much as possible.

Personal Philosophy

The more experienced I get, the less software I use. If it's not GNU/FSF/Open-Source, I don't use it! A few exceptions for truly remarkable software-- SpinRite, HD Tune Pro. And some high-end work software/hardware/firmware. Filesharing started way back with the bbs systems of old dialin's, kermit-style!, and has progressed with torrents and p2p (but only for security-experienced/malware-experienced users).

  1. If I can't examine the source code, I don't consider it as an option.
  2. If I have to use LOCKED software, nothing left but to hack it.
  3. Don't use it.. remove it.
  4. After experimenting.. remove it.
  5. Computer explodes? No prob. MY computer is the Internet.
    1. Give me a screen, a network/serial port (blackberry/droid wifi at McD's/Starbucks, or Mobile modem link), let me just grab configs (in a git/svn repo), and I'm right back to work..
Note: Currently running screen + bash4 + vim over ssh 24/7, otherwise if X I do it from within xterm within ratpoison. Give me access to terminfo, sh/bash, vim, gnu coreutils, locally or across ssh and we're in business. Tmux/Screen/Ratpoison/(Vim tabs) each are bigtime bonuses.. The console is by far the most productive environment for my workload and speed.

Sucka Free GNUPGP

Love meeting people from the community, the nerdier (deeper into a topic) the better, also enjoy marketing/business friends. International peeps too.. we got to stick together.

webmaste[r@a]<br>Key ID: 6DC3AB5F<br>Fingerprint: DD32 49C8 A4A0 FACC BDE4 D53C CACA 22B3 6DC3 AB5F

My Interests

  • Open Source
  • NetSec (hack the planet)

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