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Hello Arch Community! β­πŸ’–πŸŒŸ

I've been currently developing a lot of my own side projects, but occasionally I do help someone.


When I was 15, I got the urge to try something new, and what's better than stepping out of your comfort zone. I was a very simple Windows user back then, not even knowing what the terminal is and barely downloading any programs I didn't trust. But I was trying virtualization back then, trying old Windows versions, but my laptop barely ran them. So I looked for very non-performance heavy operating systems. And found Linux, after trying to virtualize a lot of distros, one just stuck with me, Arch Linux.

Current projects

My infinite amount of work nowadays consists of developing my headache inducing project SPAD, my own programming language built on Java, yeah I needed to make a lot of libraries myself as there is a small portion of Java built programming languages. (JavaScript doesn't count). Currently, the project files are private as it's barely done, when I'll get first working builds of the language then I'll make it public. I really don't like people, mainly now, poking around my code and trying to fix my mistakes while it's in development. For now, if someone's interested, I will keep the list of things that still need to be done here:

SPAD: to be done

  • A plugin import tool (.spadplugins are planned but if you build them they are automatically included in your project which can make a lot of dependencies while building your code on another machine)
  • Wraparound workflow (Mainly implemented already, but needs a lot of improving. If you're wondering, what is wraparound workflow. It makes the compilers and your job easier. It wraps -

- around like this, so yeah that is the best explanation I can do [English is my second language, BTW])

  • Better syntax (Yeah, for some reason during the beginnings of the project, I thought wouldn't it be cool if I made this an eso-lang? So yeah, many of the underlying features of SPAD have very confusing syntax like an esoteric language, which makes it hilarious.)
  • Optimization (both glibc and musl) + a lot more, like an actual binary instead of building the entire now 16 GB language (takes 2 days to compile it for me [Celeron N4000 + 4 GB ram {So it should run on everything}])

>>DONE<< Syntax highlighting in vim (neovim) = Made it myself makes everything really easier now (My own build of neovim, not packaged in original