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Reason: How to install original proprietary game data? Also probably add troubleshooting, level editors, multiplayer. Explain different versions/sequels from Id (Doom 2, Ultimate...). Configuration/options/settings/cheats. (Discuss in User talk:Axper/sandbox/Doom)

Doom is the famous shooter from Id Software. It has several ports for Linux. None of the Id-engine games have copyleft game resources, only the game engine code was open sourced. See Source port page on Doom Wiki for details.


You need both game engine and data files in order to play any of the games. There are several packages available for Arch Linux.

Doom 1 and 2


  • Chocolate Doom — Doom port reproducing the behavior of the original DOS version. || chocolate-doomAUR
  • Doomsday — Advanced port of the Doom game engine, capable also of running Heretic, and Hexen games. || doomsdayAUR
  • GZDoom — Doom source port based on ZDoom with an OpenGL renderer. || gzdoomAUR
  • PrBoom Plus — Enhanced version of the PrBoom Doom engine port. || prboom-plusAUR
  • Remood — advanced Doom game engine based on Doom Legacy. || remoodAUR
  • Strawberry Doom — Fork of Chocolate Doom extending certain engine limits. || strawberry-doom-svnAUR
  • Vavoom — Highly advanced Doom engine port with added support for Heretic/Hexen/Strife. || vavoomAUR
  • ZDoom — Enhanced Doom port with additional support for Heretic, Hexen and Strife. || zdoomAUR
  • edge — An enhanced port of the Doom game engine || edgeAUR


  • Doom demo — Doom demo data || doom1-wadAUR
  • Freedoom — Project aimed at creation of free Doom data files. || freedoomAUR

Server browser

  • Doomseeker — A cross-platform server browser for various multiplayer Doom source-ports. || doomseekerAUR

Doom 3


  • Doom 3 engine — Doom 3 engine || doom3AUR
  • Doom 3 stock binaries — Punkbuster compatible Doom 3 stock binaries || doom3-binAUR
  • dhewm 3 — Doom 3 engine with native 64-bit support, SDL, and OpenAL || dhewm3-gitAUR


  • Doom 3 patches — Doom 3 patch data files || doom3-dataAUR

Doom 3: BFG


  • RBDOOM-3-BFG — Doom 3 BFG source code || rbdoom3-bfg-gitAUR


  • Doom 3: BFG data — Doom 3: BFG Edition game files || doom3bfg-dataAUR

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