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Cpiral (talk) 19:42, 10 April 2016 (UTC)

MediaWiki end-user notes of note:

  • Go to Special:RecentChanges. Set it to Main namespace. Patrol changes to this site.
  • Namespaces: Do an empty search. Click Advanced. See (Main) User ArchWiki File MediaWiki Template Help Category. The default namespace is in ( parenthesis ), otherwise navigate to a page by entering namespace:pagename in the search box. However... Sandbox is a "cross namespace redirect" to ArchWiki:Sandbox.
  • Redirects: make it very likely anyone can type anything they want into the search box, And IT Just Works to go to a wanted page.
  • Subpage links offer syntax, e.g. [[../../sister]] for both linking to and expanding page names.
  • For searching, MediaWiki does offer a well developed package that surpasses all other search engines for this job.