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I am a free software fanboy. I am somewhat disappointed in Linux lately, for reasons outlined in Lunduke's Linux Sucks 2020 edition. [1]

I am sad because of the corporate takeover of the community. They were led away using the money, into creating a frankensteinian glitchy system designed for corporate, and no longer for the hobbyist freedom-loving user.

Also, I am sad Mr. Stallman is shunned by everyone. His political views should not be a reason for him to get shunned by the community (pressured out of the FSF and GNU), in spite of the community disagreeing with him. Without him, perhaps there would be no free software.

Whoever you are reading this, fight for what you think is right!

If you think you can't, then just make a small first step in the right direction. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". After taking the step, repeat for the rest of the journey, and you will achieve greatness.

If you wish, check out my blog [2]. It is not always technical, though.