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This list documents the state of Web Key Directory (WKD) support for all developer keys, see FS#63171. If all three columns read Yes, retrieving the key from the WKD should work out of the box, otherwise one or more of the actions listed below needs to be taken.

Developer Has UID UID fully trusted Uses email for packaging
Alad Wenter Yes Yes Yes
Alexander Rødseth No No No
Allan McRae Yes Yes Yes
Anatol Pomozov No No No
Andreas Radke Yes Yes Yes
Andrew Crerar Yes No No
Andrzej Giniewicz No No No
Antonio Rojas Yes Yes Yes
Balló György No No No
Baptiste Jonglez No No No
Bartłomiej Piotrowski Yes Yes Yes
Brad Fanella Yes Yes Yes
Brett Cornwall No No Custom WKD-enabled domain
Bruno Pagani No No Yes
Chih-Hsuan Yen Yes Yes Yes
Christian Hesse Yes No Custom WKD-enabled domain
Christian Rebischke Yes Yes Yes
Connor Behan No No No
Dan Printzell No No No
Daniel Bermond No No Older packages use different email address
Daniel M. Capella Yes Yes Yes
Daurnimator Yes Yes Yes
Dave Reisner Yes Yes Yes
David Runge Yes Yes Older packages use different email address
Eli Schwartz Yes Yes Yes
Evangelos Foutras Yes Yes Yes
Evgeniy Alekseev Yes No Yes
Fabio Castelli Yes No Yes
Felix Yan Yes Yes Yes
Filipe Laíns Yes Yes Older packages use different email address
Florian Pritz Yes No No
Gaetan Bisson Yes Yes Yes
Gerardo Pozzi Yes Yes Yes
Giancarlo Razzolini Yes Yes Yes
Giovanni Scafora Yes Yes No packages
Guillaume Alaux Yes Yes Yes
Ike Devolder No No No
Ionuț Mircea Bîru Yes Yes No packages
Ivy Foster Yes No Older packages use different email address
Jakob Gruber No No No
Jan de Groot Yes Yes Yes
Jan Alexander Steffens Yes Yes Older packages use different email address
Jaroslav Lichtblau Yes No Yes
Jelle van der Waa Yes Yes Older packages use different email address
Jerome Leclanche No No No
Jiachen Yang No No Some packages use different email address
Johannes Löthberg Yes No Yes
Jonas Witschel Yes Yes Yes
Jonathan Steel Yes No Yes
Jürgen Hötzel Yes No Yes
Konstantin Gizdov No No No
kpcyrd Yes Yes Yes
Kyle Keen No No No
Laurent Carlier Yes No No
Levente Polyak Yes Yes Yes
Lukas Fleischer Yes Yes Yes
Massimiliano Torromeo No No No
Maxim Baz No No Custom WKD-enabled domain
Maxime Gauduin Yes No Yes
Morten Linderud Yes No Yes
NicoHood Yes No Yes
Nicola Squartini No No No
Pierre Schmitz No No Custom WKD-enabled domain
Rémy Oudompheng Yes Yes Yes
Robin Broda Yes No No
Ronald van Haren Yes Yes Yes
Santiago Torres Yes Yes Yes
Sébastien Luttringer Yes No No
Sergej Pupykin No No No
Sven-Hendrik Haase No No No
Thomas Bächler Yes Yes No packages
Thore Bödecker Yes Yes Yes
Tobias Powalowski Yes Yes Yes
Xyne No No No

Necessary actions:

  • If Has UID is No: add a user ID of the form to the PGP key (the email address doesn't have to exist).
  • If UID fully trusted is No: re-sign PGP key with at least three master signing keys so that the new UID is fully trusted.
  • If Uses email for packaging is No: set PACKAGER="Name <>" during packaging.


  • Brett Cornwall, Christian Hesse, Maxim Baz, Pierre Schmitz: uses a custom domain that has WKD enabled, no further action is necessary.
  • Daniel Bermond, David Runge, Filipe Laíns, Ivy Foster, Jan Alexander Steffens, Jelle van der Waa, Jiachen Yang: some packages in the repositories use a email as packager, please double-check makepkg.conf on all your build machines.
  • Dan McGee, Giovanni Scafora, Ionuț Mircea Bîru, Thomas Bächler: no packages signed by these developers are in the official repositories.