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I'm a PhD student in chemistry at Moscow State University during daytime and hobbyist embedded programmer and SDR user and researcher at night. Also I love DIY paradigm and all related things: woodworking, metalworking, forging, restoration etc.

Major part of my work/research is related to the molecular modeling of different biological systems (e. g., studying enzyme--substrate complexes, rational protein engineering, drug design etc). I really enjoy to do such things, but often computational packages and scientific tools are a bit esoteric, have a lot of bugs and just troublesome for easy use so I do everything possible to improve situation and help other researches to do their work flawlessly.

What about embedded programming? I'm a fan of AVR MCUs I love its' simple but powerful architecture and already made a bunch of small AVR-based projects (greenhouse temperature control is just one of them).

In 2016 I've discovered the world of radio and my first experience was WebSDR placed in Netherlands. Then I was able to get $10 USB SDR dongle and started to research further. Personally I'm a fun of satellite communications and you can find a bunch of weather satellite pictures in my Instagram.


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