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I'm a GNU/Linux enthusiast who helps out with the Wiki sometimes. I've been using GNU/Linux for about four years; Arch for about three months. I still use other distributions, but Arch is the one I'm in love with.

How I roll

  • Arch Linux, anywhere I can.
  • pacman is nice, not that I have a choice.
  • i3 tiling window manager. A mouse just isn't that appealing.
  • Fish, the Friendly Interactive Shell. Finally, a shell that isn't older than I am.
  • vim for text editing. Am I a complete nerd yet?
  • Tor for anonymity. Am I paranoid yet?
  • Dm-crypt for security.
  • VLC for media. I still don't like that orange cone, though.
  • Node.js when a shell script just isn't enough.
  • Firefox for browsing the web.
  • Links2 isn't bad either.
  • QEMU for virtualization.
  • OpenSSH for remote access, but what else is there?
  • btrfs, when I actually have a reason to care which filesystem I'm using.
  • irssi for IRC.
  • git for source code management.
  • gimp when I have to edit images.
  • GRUB when I'm hungry or need to boot my system.
  • Microsoft Windows. Just kidding!