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QMapShack (QMS) is the successor of QLandkarteGT, both of them are mapping programs used for outdoor trip planning and GPX data visualisation. It supports online tiling maps (like OpenStreetMaps), digital elevation models (DEMs) and routing.


Install the qmapshackAUR package.


After the first start, you need to initialize online maps.

Raster map usage

DEM usage

QMS reads DEMs from several data formats. However it can use it from one file only. The most common way of unifying several files into one is to use the vrt format, which is a meta format. vrt files can be created with a tool included in QMS. For a good source of DEMs see the links below. Download the desired DEM data to a folder (e.g. {[ic|~/.qmapshack/DEM}}) and use the VRT builder in QMS to create a vrt file. Then add its path to the DEM paths, refresh and activate.