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Somewhat stale repository, needs rebasing and changes for:

  • cleaning up commit history and messages for readability
  • break up commits into smaller changes that can be tested and merged individually
  • dbscripts test setup. I found what was going wrong here, should move along relatively quickly;
  • upstream makepkg changes regarding debug packages, more or less s/$pkgname/$pkgbase/;
  • devtools needs to merge back new versions of commitpkg and archrelease;
  • some TODOs left in the code, mainly about edge cases.


We also need real-world testing, specially with complex and/or weird PKGBUILDs.

Repo format

There are two main possibilities: individual repos or git namespaces.

Individual repos

  • Easier to work with
  • Easy implementation of individual ACLs
  • More storage used
  • Slightly more complexity in dbscripts' side

git namespaces

  • Consolidated repository
  • AUR already has the infrastructure to deal with this
  • More complex setup
  • Needs regular git-gc maintenance

From the client side both options should be the same, so the difference is mainly manageability. Both also already have conversion scripts ready: