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Drone is a continuous integration/delivery platform.

Warning: Here be dragons. None of this is complete!


Install the drone package and required dependencies.



The server integrates with various source control management (SCM) providers. See upstream documentation to configure Drone for the particular SCM.

Configuration is done via environment variables, which can be provided via a systemd drop-in file. A list of known environment variables can be found in upstream documentation.

Warning: User registration is open by default. Consider implementing a registration filter.


The community version does not provide the ability to integrate with external runners. It has an in-built Docker runner. Ensure that the Docker service is running, and the drone user has access to the daemon socket.


TODO: configure the Drone Server and one or many Runners.


Runners are standalone daemons that poll the server for pending pipelines to execute. There are different types of runners optimized for different use cases and runtime environments. Once the server is successfully installed you must install one or more runners.

Available runners:



  • Differentiate between drone and drone-oss and related functionality.

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