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Packaging for Arch with the openSUSE Build Service

Register an account at then upload the PKGBUILD, source tarball any any files in the source array.

There are some limitations (no gpg checking because each package is built in a fresh VM) and big packages will fail because of lack of RAM but on the whole it works really well and even allows split packages.

Easier than an AUR helper :)

UEFI boot loader does not show up in firmware menu

On certain UEFI motherboards like some boards with an Intel Z77 chipset, adding entries with efibootmgr or bcfg from the UEFI Shell will not work because they do not show up on the boot menu list after being added to NVRAM.

This issue is caused because the motherboards can only load UEFI files that are marked as "trusted" by the firmware, to enable the file see