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(This page is used to prepare longer edits and wiki style try-out.)

Draft Help Merge

for Help:Procedures#Merge and the related Help talk:Procedures#Merge

Ideas to approach a task list for a complex merge

Case: article A was forked to userspace, and rewritten as article B.

At some point the draft is finished, merge template placed with link to talk page, input from the article's talk page collected/discussed and the draft is ready to merge over. Possible steps to work out how to merge:

  1. Review a diff of the fork from its start to end. In general a per-section review is useful to determine a strategy how to best commit the changes to article A in a transparent manner.
  2. Review individual commits to the fork. The goal should be to determine in particular where content was removed in the course of working on the draft. Also identify other major changes (e.g. moves of content, singular but complex modifications.
  3. Adjust merge strategy by combining results. For example, decide which individual commits are useful to repeat to article A. Or, if content was moved across sections and rewritten later, consider how consecutive drafting changes can be combined for transparency in the article history.

Draft 1

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