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Hi! I'm Luchesar Iliev [ˌɫɤtʃɛzˈar ilˈiɛv]. Starting with Solaris in 2000's, my main workhorse for almost a decade used to be FreeBSD, before I switched to Arch Linux around 2014. I used to maintain for a few years the llvm-svn AUR packages and an unofficial binary repo for them. I've also had a really insignificant participation in the establishment of the ArchZFS GitHub repo (that's unfortunately the only reason why you might see my name there). Finally, I maintain the Tier 2 Arch Linux mirror at the University of Plovdiv. It used to be one of the top 10 mirrors in the stats, but it's actually good to see today so many and much better mirrors. Sadly, that seems to be all that I've managed to contribute back to the Arch community, so I consider myself in debt.

I have some background in network engineering and security, but nowadays (meaning around 2021) most of my work seems to be revolving around DevOps (I don't think I like such buzzwords, but they sure look fancy enough in your CV).

If for any reason you feel that you need to know more about me or want to contact me in a different manner (rather than through my discussion page), here are some links that might help you: