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Page associating List of applications sections with categories.


List of applications/Internet: Category:Internet applications and Category:Networking

List of applications section Category Article
Network connection -
Network managers Category:Network managers Network manager
VPN clients Category:Virtual Private Network
Anonymizing networks Category:Anonymity networks
Web browsers Category:Web browser
Web servers Category:Web server
File sharing -
Download managers Category:Download utilities
Cloud storage servers -
Cloud synchronization clients -
File transfer clients Category:File Transfer Protocol
File transfer servers Category:FTP servers
BitTorrent clients Category:BitTorrent clients
Other P2P networks -
Pastebin clients -
Email clients Category:Email clients
Mail servers Category:Mail server
Instant messaging clients -
  IRC clients Category:Internet Relay Chat
  XMPP (Jabber) clients Category:XMPP
  SIP clients -
  Matrix clients - Matrix
  Tox clients - Tox
Instant messaging servers -
  IRC servers Category:Internet Relay Chat
  XMPP servers Category:XMPP
  SIP servers -
News, RSS, and blogs -
News aggregators Category:News aggregators
Podcast clients -
Usenet newsreaders Category:Usenet clients
Blog engines Category:Content management systems
Microblogging clients -
Remote desktop Category:Remote desktop


List of applications/Multimedia: Category:Multimedia

List of applications section Category Article
Codecs - Codecs
Image -
Image viewers Category:Raster graphics
Raster graphics editors Category:Raster graphics
Vector graphics editors -
3D computer graphics -
Color pickers -
Screenshot - Screen capture
Audio Category:Audio
Audio players Category:Multimedia players
Volume control -
Audio tag editors -
Audio editors -
Video -
Video players Category:Multimedia players
Subtitles -
Video editors -
Screencast - Screen capture
Collection managers -


List of applications/Utilities

List of applications section Category Article
Terminal Category:Command-line
Command shells Category:Command-line shells‎ Command-line shell
Terminal emulators Category:Terminal emulators
Terminal pagers -
Terminal multiplexers Category:Terminal multiplexers
File managers Category:File managers
File synchronization Category:Synchronization Synchronization and backup programs
Archiving and compression tools Category:Data compression and archiving Archiving and compression
Mount tools - File systems#Mount a file system
Development Category:Development
Integrated development environments -
Build automation -
Version control systems Category:Version Control System
System monitoring Category:Status monitoring and notification
System information viewers -
Clipboard managers - Clipboard#List of clipboard managers
Package management - Pacman/Tips and tricks#Utilities


List of applications/Documents: Category:Office

List of applications section Category Article
Text editors Category:Text editors
Office Category:Office
Office suites -
Word processors -
Spreadsheets -
Database tool -
Markup languages -
Bibliographic reference managers -
TeX editors Category:TeX TeX Live
Translation and localization -
E-book -
PDF and DjVu -
OCR software -
Note-taking software -
Mind-mapping -
Barcode generators and readers -


List of applications/Security: Category:Security

List of applications section Category Article
List of applications/Security#Network security Category:Networking
List of applications/Security#Threat and vulnerability detection -
List of applications/Security#File security -
List of applications/Security#Anti malware -
List of applications/Security#Backup programs - Synchronization and backup programs
List of applications/Security#Screen lockers -
List of applications/Security#Hash checkers -
List of applications/Security#Encryption, signing, steganography Category:Encryption
List of applications/Security#Password managers -


List of applications/Science: Category:Mathematics and science


List of applications/Other

List of applications section Category Article
List of applications/Other#Finance -
List of applications/Other#Education -
List of applications/Other#Time management -
List of applications/Other#Touch typing -
List of applications/Other#Display managers Category:Display managers Display manager
List of applications/Other#Desktop environments Category:Desktop environments Desktop environment
List of applications/Other#Window managers Category:Window managers Window manager
List of applications/Other#Taskbars -
List of applications/Other#Application launchers Category:Application launchers
List of applications/Other#Wallpaper setters -
List of applications/Other#Dictionary and Thesaurus Category:Dictionaries
List of applications/Other#Spell checkers -