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Request tools

  • curl — An URL retrieval utility and library. || curl
  • HTTPie — curl alternative with JSON support and syntax highlighting. || httpie


Most web browsers have a built-in bookmarking feature. bukuAUR is a standalone command-line bookmark manager. If you use Firefox Sync you can host the server yourself, see Firefox Sync Server.

Web application clients

Domain Packages AUR helpers hub, ghi gcalcliAUR translate-gitAUR, translate-shell-gitAUR, crow-translateAUR haxor-newsAUR rtvAUR nodejs-how2AUR
  • Wikicurses — A simple curses interface for MediaWiki sites such as ArchWiki or Wikipedia. || wikicurses

See also Cloud synchronization clients and List of applications/Internet#Other IM clients.

Search engines

  • Surfraw — Command line interface to a variety of popular WWW search engines. || surfraw
  • s — Web search from the terminal. Supports over 50 providers. || sAUR
Domain Package ddgrAUR googlerAUR

Microblogging clients

Twitter clients

Pastebin clients

Domain Package gist ixAUR

Web authoring

List of applications/Internet#Blog engines

See also Markdown.

Static site generators

Content management systems

Category:Content management systems


Web scraping and automation

Front-end development

package managers

  • Bower — A package manager for the web. || bower
  • Yarn — Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management. || yarn

Web frameworks

Category:Web frameworks

  • Django — A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean design. || python-django, python2-django || ruby-railsAUR
  • Flask — Micro web development framework for Python. || python-flask, python2-flask
  • Bottle — A fast and simple micro-framework for small web-applications. || python-bottle, python2-bottle

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