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Nicks and IPs

Nick Host
huphup ~kollo@
dokjasd ~a@
tim9182 ~a@
bingessd ~a@
miiferqw1 ~a@
kasduiaisd ~a@
assduke ~tumaroo@
iopica ~a@
kkdjiduaer ~a@
jiaduer ~a@
jiaduer ~a@
doer812 ~a@
kjd8ag5d ~a@
tumaki ~a@
kolioto ~a@
idk (note this is a protected nick that is not the harasser's) ~a@
ldkd ~a@
tumaroo ~tumaroo@
kiwuiw ~kpplla@
zisdas b07eedd9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
pigandpig ~pigandpig@
cubpup ~cubpup@
rollergirl ~cubpup@
kiitoonifo 75c3fe53@gateway/web/cgi-irc/

Other factors

  • CTCP version is often libpurple
  • They send lots of CTCP requests (ping, finger, time, etc) to mods
  • discuss non-arch things, may mention manjaro or ubuntu specific issues, help vampire syndrome
  • tries to put mods against each other, lies about previous bans, claims they are a victim of mod abuse, or an innocent person who is being confused for someone else