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IRC Rules

All Arch Linux IRC channels are on the freenode irc network. Users on freenode must follow the network policy and freenode channel guidelines.

The official language of the channel is English. If you need help in another language, search international arch channels.

  • The main topic of the channel is support for and discussion about Arch Linux. General conversation on software and hardware is allowed so long as it does not interfere with the main topic of discussion. If you are asked to take something to another channel or private message you should do so.
  • Read the channel topic on a regular basis with /topic. It often contains important information.
  • There is only one official channel bot. phrik!~archbot@archlinux/bot/phrik. Do not spam bot commands and limit your usage to things that are helpful. If you want to bring your own bot into any Arch Linux channel, ask the operators before doing so.
  • Do not flood the channel with text. This includes ASCII art, bot commands and error logs.
    • Use a paste bin to share something longer than three lines. program &> program-output.txt in combination with pastebin clients can ease this step.
    • If you want to try out bot commands or look through the help function, then do it in a /query or /msg. Example: /query phrik help <command>.
  • Auto-response in channel or in private message is not allowed with a single exception for away responses at nick highlights in a private message.
  • Do not ask whether anyone is alive or uses your software, just state your question.
  • Do not demand help, ask for it. Wait patiently for a few minutes before restating questions. Most questions get answered by 'just another user', like you.
  • When asking for help, always reply to people that ask you for more information, if you do not know the answer then say so.

#archlinux operators

If you for some reason need the help of an op, do not be shy to /query or /msg us. Here is the list of ops as of 4 Feb 2016:

  • brain0
  • falconindy
  • grawity
  • heftig
  • jelle
  • MrElendig / Mion
  • Namarrgon
  • pid1
  • tigrmesh / tigr
  • vodik
  • wonder / ioni