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Item Description
Arch Package mariadb
Upstream Package MariaDB Downloads
Description database server
Systemd Service mariadb.service
Config Path /etc/mysql/my.cnf
Config Examples /usr/share/mysql/
User and Group mysql:mysql
Man Page(s) mysql(1)
Upstream Documentation

Introduction to a package, for example:

MySQL is a widely spread, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL database. For more information about features, see the official homepage.


The various supported ways to install the package on Arch Linux.

MariaDB is the default implementation of MySQL in Arch Linux, provided with the mariadb package.


How to configure the software for Arch Linux. Pretend there are instructions and examples. yay.


This section is of course optional as not all packages will need it. But information should go in here about things a user may have to do occasionally, such as cache clearing. what logs to rotate, etc.


Any special information the user needs to know about updating the package on Arch Linux. For example if a reboot is required or service needs to be restarted (like with kernel updates, you need to reboot for disk auto mounting to work). Possibly notes if there are major changes between versions. One example is conky which had a major change in configuration.


Any special actions that need to be taken for backup creation, or what directories/files you should back up if the program has non-obvious things. config files in /etc/ is pretty obvious, but special stuff in /var might not be.

Known issues

Bugs or problems that do not currently have a fix. This helps avoid duplicate bug reports or people searching and trying variously solutions in vain.


Common issues and how to fix them. Focus on Arch specific things. If it becomes too large, make it a separate sub page at <package page>/Troubleshooting. Link in related pages.

Tips and tricks

Some fancy stuff here about optimization, more efficient ways to do something, or make life with the app easier. Prefer Arch Linux specific stuff. If it becomes too large, make it a separate sub page at <package page>/Tips_and_Tricks. Link in related pages.

See also

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