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Who am I

Hi! My name is Michal. I am DevOps engineer from Poland.

Pages I (try to) mantain

What do I do

  • I break things on Kubernetes
  • Destroy Terraform clouds
  • Remove Windows 7 or later
  • Develop software in:
    • Python
    • Go
  • Learning:
    • Rust
    • C
    • Flutter (yeah, we lack nice GUIs)

I love

  • macOS UI
  • Arch Linux

I hate

  • macOS trying to solve everything for me when I don’t want to


As a daily job I take care of my corporate’s cloud environment. I write some piece of software and I fight with Kubernetes every day :)

I want to...

  • ...create a cloud that will respect user's privacy.
  • ...create a social newspaper that won't haunt people with cookies, ads, tracking, and so on...
  • ...create GUI installer for Arch for newbies (I was one!)


  • HashiCorp Core Contributor (2023)


You can contact me on one of these platforms. Or drop an e-mail at: michal (remove this and append the correct at sign)