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Hello! You clicked on my name! I feel so delighted.

I'm a free software, and decentralization enthusiast. I've used arch linux for a while now, and finally decided to start contributing to the community. I've fallen victim to otaku culture, and love anime.

Writing Ethos

These are some rules that I try to adhere to while writing and editing wiki content.

Transparency is key

I will attempt to reveal any personal biases that I can determine are relevant.

Systematic Abstraction

All systems must be built on top of a series of axioms, or things we assume to be true (Ironically, this statement is an axiom). I will try my best to clearly show my axioms (whether they be scientific papers, news articles, etc), as well as the logical steps I took to reach my conclusions.

Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism and counter view points are very valuable to me. I will do my best to use it to better myself, and the community.

Favorite Software

Arch Linux