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Rather new arch user.

after 5+ years of using linux servers regularly and loving it every time, i decided to give linux desktop a shot. Rolling releases here at Arch seem great to me, and after installing it was surprisingly simple i decided to set it up properly on my laptop + desktop. So far I love it.

Currently trying to get Sway to play well with an Nvidia card. I know it's possible because for a short time i had it working 100% perfectly, great performance and no stuttering or flickers. Also, if you allow hardware cursors, sure the cursor is invisible but the games run without any issue. However, i can't get it to work again with the disable hardware cursors flag set.... No matter how i launch steam now, the issue is always there. I guess i just got lucky that one time that steam started my game with hardware cursors enabled, i'll just have to figure out how to get it again....