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New Arch user as at April 2015.

I work in the Speech Rec industry on IVR (telephone) systems - You know, those systems that understand every word you say with incredible accuracy when you call a company for some help.

I also dabble in sarcasm, being down-under in Australia.

Very interested to get involved in Speech Rec on mobile devices, but not much of that going on in Australia.

Used Unix a lot back at Uni in the 90's, been using mostly Windoze since. (Though used Cygwin for a long while...)

I reckon it's time to abandon Windows at home. Linux is ready. (Has been for ages some will say...) Been wandering the slums of Linux distro choice for many months recently, continually frustrated by bloat, candy, slowness, lack of doco, inconsistency, the tyranny of choice, moving targets, and frailty.

Hello Arch!!! Love the philosophy. I hope Arch doesn't let me down on the latter. (I hear breaking updates are the risk of Vanilla Arch?)

Anyway, enough about me...

So, seriously, why doesn't someone scriptify that install process? Even a super-simple shell script would make typical installs a 2-minute job. It could still show every single command so you are teaching the user something. I guess it is against the philosophy...