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Welcome to my page!

I am Polarian, you can find info about me on my website.

I currently maintain the following ArchWiki pages:

  • movim - Open source web based XMPP client.
  • onedev - Open source git server written in java.
  • Eureka - CLI note taking application.
  • Xournal++ - Handwritten note application.
  • Mingo - Proprietary MongoDB user interface.
  • Maven - a build automation tool used by Java developers to compile, build and deploy code, documentation and libraries.
  • Reposilite - Open source maven artifact repository manager.
  • Ngircd - Portable and lightweight IRC daemon.
  • Pacstrap - Utility used during the Arch Linux installation process.
  • Mail server - Information on mail servers, and their features, rewritten into a table for easier readability.

See ArchWiki AUR packages I maintain (and co-maintain).

You can contact me through:
- [Email]:

Or speak to me within the discussion tab :)