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By coming to terms with the fact that people using Linux currently need to have a basic grasp of English, there can be a middle ground between translated content and the current format; this being uncomplicated English articles that are easy enough to follow.

Limit the writing style to basic English:

"Basic English is an attempt to give to everyone a second, or international, language which will take as little of the learner's time as possible.
It is a system in which everything may be said for all the purposes of everyday existence: the common interests of men and women, general talk, news, trade, and science.
To the eye and ear it will not seem in any way different from normal English, which is now the natural language, or the language of the Governments, of more than 600,000,000 persons."

Only 850 words to deal with: b. English word list.

Since translations tend to lag notoriously behind the main namespace, it's better to prep-up the original content to ease internationalization, or ideally skip the need for translations in the first place.

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