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Getting Started

The following links are useful for those getting started with Arch Linux.

Arch Linux
A brief overview of Arch Linux; describes what to expect from an Arch Linux system.
The Arch Way
Describes the principles and philosophy of Arch Linux.
Arch Compared to Other Distributions
Summarizes the similarities and differences between Arch and other distributions.
Getting Involved
Describes various ways Archers (both new and experienced users) can contribute to the Arch community.
Forum Etiquette
Guidelines for Arch forum members.
ArchWiki Tutorial
A short tutorial on editing and contributing to the Arch Linux wiki.
Beginners' Guide
A guide through the whole process of installing and configuring Arch Linux; written for new or inexperienced users.
Official Arch Linux Install Guide
A more general installation guide; assuming the user is more experienced in UNIX/GNU/Linux methodology.
Self-explanatory; a list of common and frequently asked questions.
General Recommendations
An annotated index of other popular articles and often-referenced information.

Common Topics

Note: A more complete list of common topics and post-installation advice can be found in the General Recommendations.
The package manager
Arch User Repository (AUR)
A source of unofficial packages
Common Applications
A list of frequently used applications
Arch64 FAQ
Using Arch on 64-bit systems
Xorg Setup
The X windows system
Desktop Environments
KDE, Gnome and many more
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
The most common audio system of linux
Configuring Network
Advice on configuring your network