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Hey there,

just a short note for the interested. I go by (obviously) by the name Rondal and live in Nuremberg, Germany. I'm into Linux for a couple of years now and have a bit of experience with system administration (up to data-center level).

I used to work with Gentoo on my workstations and servers, but over the last year that was a little bit frustrating. So now I found my way to Archlinux and I have to admit that I like the concepts and the package managemant quite a lot. But I also see much little problems and places where work has to be done.

So for now I'll see if I can find a little spare time to help improving the documentation (I got a little experience on the Gentoo Documentation Project) and maybe contribute (on) a few AUR packages.

My field of experience ist mostly system, server and network related. I'm not that good at desktop or end-user software.

So long and thanks for all the fish ;-)