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General Op

Op yourself: /msg ChanServ op #archlinux tigrmesh

Ban using hostmask: /msg ChanServ ban #archlinux *!*@*

Mute with nick: /mode #archlinux-offtopic +q nick!*@*

Mute with account: /mode #archlinux-offtopic +q $a:nick

Ban forward with account: $a:nick$#archlinux-offtopic

Ban forward with hostmask: /mode #freenode +b *!*@unaffiliated/example$##fix_your_connection

Ban exempt (for eg. tor ban in #aot): /mode #archlinux-offtopic +e $a:account

Join ##fix_your_connection and check every now and then whether it has been fixed, then it can be removed.
(Except for ##fix_your_connection, need to also be opped in the target channel to forward to it)


A full IRC hostmask contains five parts and looks like this: nick!ident@IPaddress A ban always contains five parts:

  1. nick
  2. !
  3. ident
  4. @
  5. IPaddress

Sometimes the ident part is called "user" or "username", IPaddress is also called "cloak" or "host" or "host.domain".


The question mark (?) replaces one character. The asterisk (*) replaces a string of characters (a sequence of characters).

More Info

More ban info at She also has info on modes.

Some freenode channel and user modes

Look up IP address from hostname, If necessary. Sometimes rDNS changes, but IPs don't.

Adding a new op

As of December 2013, only wonder can make new ops. Actual op making:

  • find out op's NickServ account name
  • give flags: /msg chanserv flags #archlinux account +Aeiortv
  • repeat for offtopic: /msg chanserv flags #archlinux-offtopic account +Aeiortv
  • message mquin (freenode eir admin) with op's freenode account and hostmask


  • mordor flags also need auto voice: +AVeiortv
  • add permanent invite to mordor: /mode +I $a:account


  • add op's nick to !listops
  • find out op's phrik username
  • give phrikadmin: admin capability add new_op admin

In the end, the new op should have [#archlinux,op; #archlinux-offtopic,op; admin; aka.add; aka.set; aka.remove; anonymous.say;; quotegrabs.ungrab; topic; topic.separator; topic.remove; topic.add]



Who is eir?


Phrik ban commands

admin ignore add <hostmask|nick> [<expires>]
admin ignore list
admin ignore remove <hostmask|nick> 
Aliases are !hush for add and !unhush for remove

This is the output of list admin:

capability add, capability remove, ignore add, ignore list, ignore remove, join, nick, and part

For more info, do

help capability add

List all admins:

user list --capability=admin

Same for owner and user

More here:

Ban exempts

Tor ban:

  • $a:Berra
  • $a:dorftrottel
  • $a:faiden
  • *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/jemadux
  • $a:samruger
  • $a:untrue
  • *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/zipper
  • *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/zatherz


  • $a:candhare (university proxy blocking regular ports)