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Hi, my name is Vedran and I work as an assistant professor of computer science in Faculty of Informatics and Digital Technologies in Rijeka, Croatia.

My group uses various Arch-based distributions in research work. The scientific software in the area of computational biochemistry is mostly intended to run on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. Arch-based distributions are great for our use case as many required scientific software packages are readily available in official repositories and AUR.

My group also uses Arch Linux in teaching of several courses. This is an obvious choice since Arch is the best Linux distribution around. In particular, our flagship sysadmin course Computer System Administration is built around the Arch way, including several lectures and exercises that focus on usage of systemd.

My primary goal is to improve the contents of ArchWiki to make them more useful as a reference for students learning the ways of sysadmin work using Arch Linux and Arch-based distributions. Additionally, I aim to contribute improvements to wiki pages describing the scientific software my group uses.