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    1. About Me

Hello! I'm Vladislav Khomenko, a seasoned full-stack developer and Linux enthusiast. My journey with Arch Linux began in 2022, driven by a passion for exploring cutting-edge technology and a love for the open-source community. I specialize in developing robust, scalable web and mobile applications, with a deep focus on usability and performance.

    1. Skills and Expertise

- **Operating Systems**: Proficient in Linux, with a particular affinity for Arch Linux. Experienced in system administration, customization, and optimization. - **Programming Languages**: Skilled in HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript (React), PHP (Laravel), and Dart (Flutter). - **Database Management**: Expertise in Firebase Cloud Firestore and MongoDB for developing scalable database solutions. - **Web Development**: Extensive experience in WordPress plugin development and creating responsive and interactive user interfaces. - **Mobile App Development**: Proficient in building cross-platform mobile applications using Flutter and Apache Cordova. - **DevOps & Tools**: Familiar with various Linux-based tools and services, ensuring seamless development and deployment processes.

    1. Contact Me

For collaboration, support, or if you just want to chat about Linux, feel free to reach out to me through Email. I'm always excited to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and contribute to the Arch Linux community.