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Hi, I'm windowsboy111, just a random programmer and Archer.

  • Email (get my GnuPG keys from ubuntu / MIT key server)
  • Github
  • Mastodon: ``


  • English
  • Traditional Chinese (正體/繁體中文)
  • Cantonese (廣東話/粵語)
  • Learning Japanese (日本語)


  • bold = I genuinely know this and I still use this frequently
  • Italics = Literally basic syntax only and I never use it, maybe I've even forgotten it 🙃
  • C++
  • Nim
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML/CSS (Please don't argue about if they are programming languages)
  • Bash (I mean, come on 😅)
  • VBA (hate this)
  • SQL

My quotes...?

  • 無惻隱之心,非人也;無羞惡之心,非人也;無辭讓之心,非人也;無是非之心,非人也。 (And that's how I insult people politely. 吾欲謝孟子寫《論四端》)
  • The future is yet to be determined.
  • You win (aka. ok you are right let's end this debate)
  • programming efficiency vs. program efficiency
    I wouldn't bother writing an AI in assembly
  • 見えない ("Japanese version" of the Cantonese phrase: 冇眼睇)


  • I use Arch btw™